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Excellent Choice. I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at zenith. From the start of class to the day I walked out the doors, passing test scores in hand; My experience was a beneficial yet, an easy process. I refer to the enrollment process as "steps" because it was just that EASY, starting my journey to becoming a CNA. From my initial phone call followed, by several others that were courteously answered or promptly returned. I had many question, the price and length of the certification process seemed almost to good to be true. But, before I knew it I was enrolled and working in the lab with great classmates.
This program is extremely reasonable and the option of a payment plan, very convenient for a tight budget. I will admit I was a bit hesitant ONLY, because I am resident of SC and thought the drive; approximately 20 mins from exit 5 would be too much, especially not having a vehicle. However, I told myself, "this is the stepping stone to a rewarding career" so I took a leap of faith before I knew it. My classmate's and I were taking pictures on the last day, excited about becoming CNA's and reflecting our brief journey together. I definitely feel zenith is the right choice for anyone persuing a career in the medical field.
- E Grant
Fri, May 31 2013
Zenith Training and Testing Institute is an excellent school to attend if you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a CNA license. You must be dedicated and willing to learn if you're going to take this course. In just three weeks, I obtained all the information required to pass the state board examinations. Part of the course requires you to do hands on clinical training for the work field, which allows you to get a better idea of what will be expected of you when you get a job. I've done my fare share of comparing schools and Zenith is definitely the quickest and most reasonably priced school in Rincon and surrounding areas. I finished the course at the end of January and took my state board exams in early February. I passed my examinations on the first try and received my license, in the mail, a week later. I am now an employed certified nursing assistant at a day program center for the individuals with developmental disabilities. Knowing that I am able to make a difference in their lives has made this whole experience worth it.
- Lisa Kelley
Sun, Mar 03 2013
In December 2012 I took the 3 week CNA course. I could not be any more satisfied with my experience with Zenith! The staff and instructors were incredibly helpful and professional and made sure that I was prepared to take and pass my CNA state certification. After the class I was equipped with everything I needed to pass my state exam. After just 2 weeks I received my license and am now working in the field. I would recommend Zenith to anyone in need of CNA certification.
- Alyssa Q
Sun, Mar 03 2013
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