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How to enroll

THE Zenith DIFFERENCE      912-303-8410


Why Choose Zenith? 

Zenith Training & Testing Institute is superior when it comes to your two most critical concerns as you choose your education:

Low Cost

Zenith offers students the best value in education. We provide the highest quality job training to the public at a low cost.


Complete your program in less time. Zenith offers for example 3 weeks CNA program as compared to other similar programs. Please click here to learn more about our programs. 

Along with these distinctions, Zenith offers you:


Referral Incentive

Get Paid $25 for referring a student. Please click here to find out the details! 


Programs at Zenith are hands-on, NOT lecture based. Zenith emphasizes the skills required on the job. For example, by the second day of class in our CNA program, students are in the lab learning relevant skills. While some academic book work is necessary, Zenith emphasizes the job skills required for success in the workplace. Our instructors have extensive industry work experience, which enables them to design curriculum that is both student-centered and job relevant.

Job Placement

Students will take a class in resume writing, interviewing and other job seeking skills to prepare them in finding the best job possible. Zenith instructors work with employers frequently and continuously receive requests seeking students for work. There is also an online job board available with jobs posted by employers for Zenith students.
Let Zenith prepare you for your new career!
Zenith Training
& Testing Institute
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P: (912) 303-8410
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