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How to enroll

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  1. Zenith Training & Testing Institute ensures that all monies paid by a prospective student, including application fees, are refunded if:
    1. The student requests a refund within three (3) business days after signing a contract;
    2. OR No contract is signed and prior to classes beginning the student requests a refund within three (3) business days after making a payment.
  2. Zenith Training & Testing Institute ensures that deposits or down payments are credited as tuition payments unless clearly identified on receipt by Zenith Training & Testing Institute as application or other fees.
  3. Zenith Training & Testing Institute charges a non refundable $100.00 application fee and ensures that:
    1. The amount ($100 maximum) is stated in the school catalog;
    2. It is charged only once;
      1. Unless the applicant has completed one program of study and is applying to enter an unrelated program,
      2. The applicant previously withdrew from Zenith Training & Testing Institute.
    3. If a student withdraws from Zenith Training & Testing Institute for any reason, the student is not liable for any unpaid portion of the application fee.
  4. Fees, books and supplies: The following are applicable to charges for fees, books and supplies which are in addition to tuition:
    1. Will be identified in the school catalog along with the specific purposes for the charges;
    2. Zenith will refunds any unused portion of the fees if a student withdraws before completing fifty (50) percent of the period of enrollment except for:
      1. Items that were special ordered for a particular student and cannot be used or sold to another student;
      2. Items that were returned in a condition that prevents them from being used by or sold to new students;
      3. Non-refundable fees for goods and/or services provided by third party vendors
  5. Zenith Training & Testing Institute ensures that one of the following criteria is used to calculate refunds:
    1. The date on which the student has begun the official withdrawal process as prescribed by Zenith Training & Testing Institute;
    2. The last date of attendance by the student or for Zenith Training & Testing Institute not taking attendance, the date that is one day prior to the midpoint of the period of enrollment for the student who stops attending classes without notification to Zenith Training & Testing Institute;
    3. The last date of academically significant interaction for asynchronous programs of study.
  6. Zenith Training & Testing Institute ensures that:
    1. Refunds are based on tuition paid for segments of the instructional program as described by Zenith Training & Testing Institute in the enrollment agreement, i.e., quarter, semester or term (as defined by Zenith Training & Testing Institute), but in no case more than twelve (12) months;
    2. If Zenith Training & Testing Institute’s refund policy is more favorable to the student than NPEC’s, it will refund the student the greater amount;
    3. Refunds are made in full to the student within thirty (30) days of the date of withdrawal;
    4. The applicant requesting cancellation more than three (3) business days after signing the contract or the student completing no more than five (5) percent of instructional time is refunded no less than ninety-five (95) percent of tuition;
    5. The student completing more than five (5) percent but no more than ten (10) percent of instructional time is refunded no less than ninety (90) percent of tuition;
    6. The student completing more than ten (10) percent but no more than twenty-five (25) percent of instructional time is refunded no less than seventy-five (75) percent of tuition:
    7. The student completing more than twenty-five (25) percent but no more than fifty (50) percent of instructional time is refunded no less than fifty (50) percent of tuition;
    8. The student completing more than fifty (50) percent of instructional time is informed that Zenith Training & Testing Institute is not required to issue a refund.
  7. Zenith Training & Testing Institute has adopted a policy:
    1. For addressing extenuating circumstances such as student injury, prolonged illness or death, or other circumstances which prohibit completion of the course or program of study;
    2. That establishes a process for determining a settlement, which is reasonable and fair to the student and Zenith Training & Testing Institute.
  8. If Zenith Training & Testing Institute cancels or changes a program of study or course (time or location) in such a way that a student who has started the program or course is unable to continue:
    1. a. Zenith will make arrangements in a timely manner to accommodate the needs of each student enrolled in the program. OR 
    2. Zenith will refund all money paid by the student for the program of study or course if alternative arrangements determined by NPEC to be equitable to both Zenith Training & Testing Institute and the student are not possible.


The purpose of the Student Grievance Policy is to provide guidance and procedures for addressing student grievances and complaints in an equitable manner in order to reach fair and appropriate resolutions to student complaints in compliance with school standards for due process.
  1. The school recognizes and supports the student’s right to grieve (formally or informally) any incident, which they believe to be a violation of school policies or procedures. All such grievances will be given a fair hearing by school personnel.
  2. Eligible grievances are those which occurred while a student was officially enrolled Zenith Training & Testing Institute.
    1. The school encourages students to address concerns on an informal basis whenever possible. In the event that an attempt at an informal review of the matter does not result in a satisfactory outcome, the student may choose to submit a formal grievance.b. Students wishing to file a grievance must do so in writing within ten days of the alleged incident to allow for a timely review of the complaint and related details.i. In the event of extenuating circumstances, the school Administration may choose to entertain a grievance, which is submitted after ten days, but is under no obligation to do so. The decision to extend the time for any particular grievance in no way obligates the school Administration to any future exceptions for other grievances.
    2. A representative of the school will be designated to receive the grievance and to ensure that the procedures outlined in this policy are followed including a response to the student who initially filed the grievance.
    3. All grievances and subsequent actions shall be thoroughly and appropriately documented
Procedures: Informal Grievances
  1. Students seeking an informal address to complaints shall first attempt to discuss the matter with their classroom instructor(s) and to seek a resolution.
  2. If the student is unable to come to a satisfactory resolution in the classroom, the student should consult with the Institute Director.
  3. The institute director will either investigate or designate school management personnel to investigate the complaint, talking to all named parties as appropriate to ascertain whether or not any violation of school policy or procedure occurred.
    1. After completion of the investigation, the investigator will suggest a resolution and seek to gain consensus from all parties involved.
  4. If a satisfactory resolution through informal means is found to be acceptable to all parties involved, no further action shall be required. If no satisfactory resolution is found the student may elect to use the formal grievance procedure.
  5. If the subject of the grievance is school personnel, the student may contact the Institute Director. A grievance that involves a Coordinator, Director, Manager, or President will be referred to an alternate staff member of the same level for all required considerations.
Procedures: Formal Grievances
  1. Formal grievances must be submitted in the form of a written letter and must contain a statement of the alleged violation(s) and a statement of the student’s desired resolution. Although documentation of the alleged incident is not required as part of the grievance, reliable documentation and/or statements can assist the school in a fair and accurate review of the grievance.
    1. Written grievances will be given to the Director or Coordinator most directly responsible for the program (or faculty), which is the subject of the grievance.
      1. In the event that the Director or Coordinator is the subject of the grievance, the grievance shall be referred to an alternate staff member of the same level for all required considerations.
    2. The school representative receiving the grievance will review it to ascertain if sufficient information has been provided.
      1. If the school representative determines that the grievance provides insufficient information, shall request additional information from the student filing the grievance. In order to resolve the situation in a timely manner, students shall be encouraged to provide the information promptly. If the student fails to provide the requested information in a reasonable period of time (as determined by the school representative), the grievance may be cancelled and no further consideration will be given.
    3. The school representative (having received all of the necessary information to proceed) will investigate the alleged incident to ascertain which school policies or procedures may have been violated.
      1. Such investigation may include a review of all relevant and available documentation (provided by the student or otherwise available), meetings with the involved parties, and any other evidence as might be available.
      2. The school representative will make a final determination as to the validity of the grievance and the appropriate resolution. Once determined, the final decision will be documented in a letter to the student who filed the grievance explaining the decision and any pertinent information
    4. If the resolution provided by the school representative is not satisfactory to the grieving student, a request for reconsideration may be filed with the school President.
      1. A request for reconsideration must be submitted in writing within 5 days from the time the student was notified of the outcome of the grievance.
      2. The school representative who presided over the original grievance will forward all relevant information, documentation and evidence to the President for review in a timely manner.
    5. The President shall review the request for reconsideration and the available information in a timely manner. The President may then select one of the following options.
      1. Support the initial grievance resolution provided by the school representative, designating that resolution to be fair and appropriate based on the information reviewed.
      2. Determine that an alternate decision is appropriate based on the review of the available information. Such decision will superseded any previously made decisions
    6. The President shall provide a decision in writing in a timely manner to the student.
    7. The decision of the President shall be considered final for the school and no further remedies will be offered as part of the school Formal Grievance Process.
    8. After a formal grievance has been resolved at the institutional level, whether by the school representative or the President, an evaluation form will be completed by the school representative as a mechanism for re-evaluating relevant policies and procedures and actions taken by all parties.
    9. Students retain the right to contact the Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission in cases where the student grievance is not satisfactorily settled at the institutional level. The Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission can be reached at:
2082 East Exchange Place
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