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How to enroll

ADMISSIONS                        912-303-8410

Admission to Zenith Training & Testing Institute is open to individuals 18 years or older. By enrolling at Zenith Training & Testing Institute you’ve taken the first step toward achieving your career goal in the healthcare industry. Early application is encouraged because class enrollment fills up quickly. Below is some information to help answer questions you may have now. We encourage you to contact us with any additional questions at 912-303-8410 or @


All applicants must submit and demonstrate the following: 
  1. Completed Program Application
  2. A $100 non-refundable application fee
  3. A verifiable copy of a governmental issued ID and/or a birth certificate.
  4. CNA program: Tuberculosis Skin Test (PPD) within six (6) months of start of class. This PPD is mandatory before going for clinical experience. If you cannot take a PPD because of positive history and/or allergy to PPD, you must have a chest x-ray and/or tuberculin screening.
  5. Ability to read, write and perform basic math; thereby, being able to follow verbal and written instructions and complete legible / written reports; of the care given to clients
  6. Phlebotomy & Patient Care Students: Hepatitis B Vaccine (at least part one) is required.
Students are responsible for ensuring the Zenith Training & Testing Institute receives all documentation.
CNA Applicants: Please be informed that adverse information on your criminal background check may hinder you from obtaining employment in a long-term care facility.
All records become property of the Zenith Training & Testing Institute. All paperwork must be presented at time of registration. For more information contact our Registration Office at 912-303-8410 or at 
Let Zenith prepare you for your new career!
Zenith Training
& Testing Institute
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Rincon, GA 31326
P: (912) 303-8410
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