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How to enroll

REFERRAL PROGRAM            912-303-8410

Do you know a student who would be a good match for Zenith Training & Testing Institute? If so, please participate in our Referral Program. Student referrals are a great source of qualified applicants because of your unique understanding of the type of student who would thrive here. We truly value and are very grateful for referrals.
If you know someone who might be interested in Zenith Training & Testing Institute, participating is as easy as completing our quick on line form.
  1. Submit the contact information of your referrals in the form below or come to our office to complete the form.
  2. Come to our office and verify who you are with a government approved photo ID.
  3. Once your referral signs up, pays for and complete the program in full, you receive a $25.00 for each referral you referred.
What else can you do to help spread the word about our program?
  1. Share your own experience with potential Zenith Training & Testing Institute students.
  2. Direct them to our website.
  3. Encourage them to attend an information session or special event.
What happens when the Office of Admissions receives my referral?
We enter the student's name and address into our database. The student will receive a phone call from our admission representative explaining our Nursing Assistant program and other programs.
Does the student have to apply for admission to Zenith Training & Testing Institute?
We hope that the student will want to apply for admission to Zenith Training & Testing Institute after learning about our programs; however, they do not have to apply for admission.
Who should I refer to Zenith Training & Testing Institute?
You should refer colleagues, class mates, neighbors, church members or family members, etc who are interested in the healthcare industry and for whom we may be a good "fit."
Does the student have to be interested in Zenith Training & Testing Institute?
No. The student may not even be familiar with Zenith Training & Testing Institute. By sending us the student's name, you are giving the Office of Admissions the opportunity to introduce Zenith Training & Testing Institute to the student.
Let Zenith prepare someone you know for their new career!
Please complete this form to provide us a referral.
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Zenith Training
& Testing Institute
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P: (912) 303-8410
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