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General FAQs

Are evening and weekend classes available in addition to day classes?
CNA Program: For the flexibility of our students we will soon start evening classes scheduled from 5:00 to 10:00pm, Monday through Friday. We currently don't offer weekend classes.
Can I schedule a time to visit the campus?
Absolutely! We would love to have you visit our campus. We just ask that you call 912-303-8410 to schedule in advance, as we may have several people wanting to visit on any given day. We want to ensure that your experience is a personal one, therefore one of our administrative staff can block off time to spend with you individually.
How do I register?
How is Zenith Training & Testing Institute different from other schools?
Is financial aid available?
My company has offered to pay for this course. Can you invoice them directly?
Yes we can. However you will be required to provide us with a letter from your employer stating the details of the commitment.
Paying for a course for someone else, like my child or spouse with my credit card?
Yes, we accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. When registering a family member or friend, give us the name and address of the student first. We will also ask for the name of the credit card holder.
The course I want is full. Can I be added to a waiting list?
Yes, if the course you want is already full, we can add your name to our waiting list. If a student drops the course, we call prospective students in the order their names were entered. Prospective students must have a background check and application on file.
What happens if my course is cancelled?
In the event of a cancellation, we transfer your payments to another session.
When should I register for courses?
We recommend that you register for your program of choice as early as possible. If the program is already full, you can add your name to the waiting list. We also recommend that you sign up for the next available course since the waiting list gives no guarantee of availability.
Why would I want to attend Zenith Training & Testing Institute?
Will Zenith Training & Testing Institute help me to find a job after I graduate?
While we do not offer formal job placement or career counseling services, occasionally employers provide us with job information. When this happens, we email participants in the relevant program and post the information on our job announcements board.


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